New Pool Table, Snooker Table, or Billiards Table?

Shepherd and Sanders have over 30 years experience in providing quality new tables in pubs, clubs and bars.

Here at Shepherd and Sanders we have been supplying quality pool tables, snooker tables and billiard tables for over 30 years. Our customers have included homes, pubs, clubs, bars as well as larger premises and exhibitions.

With all businesses, time is of the essence and this is something we understand, so we work hard to ensure that all tables are installed on time, and at a time to suit your business. Our many years of experience means we are well known in the Hampshire area and it means we have the skills needed to provide the best tables and the best service.  We offer our services in Hampshire, West Sussex, Wiltshire, Dorset and Berkshire.

The first thing our experts will do is advise you on the size of room and which table they feel will best suit your needs. We will never provide you with a table which is not going to fit in the space available. The tables we provide come from the best suppliers in the industry, and are endorsed by top snooker players.

Our Range of Tables include:

We offer a range of tables to suit your needs. They can all be personalised with a choice of cloth colours and finishes so they can match the surroundings or any corporate colours.

Our range includes:

  • Snooker Tables, including Corinthian and Westbury        
  • Pool Tables. These are advanced coin operated and designed to help you maximise your profits.
  • American Pool Tables
  • Bar Billiards
  • Football Tables
  • Re-conditioned Pool tables
  • Pool and snooker accessories. These include cues, extensions and rests.


Pool and Snooker Table Repair

Replacing a worn out table can be costly and unnecessary. We offer a repair and refurbishment service which can get your table looking like new, at a fraction of the cost of a new table.

Before we quote, one of our expert repairers will provide a FREE inspection of the table. They will note any damage and wear and then provide a competitive quote for the work involved. We understand that time is money, so we will undertake the repairs as quickly as we can, while making sure that all work is done properly to get your table looking like new.

Our years of experience mean we can take care of every detail, from re-covering the table to re-tipping the cues.

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“With over 30 years experience in Pool and Snooker Table repair and refurbishment, you will be surprised at how we can make your tabquote closele look like new.”